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question about auto windowns

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the scion site says 'Power Windows with One-Touch Down on Driver's window'

but i have seen elsewhere 'the tC includes 'one-touch' up and down power windows for both the driver and passenger windows.'

i have seen the 1touch up/dwn listed elsewhere it a change frm the 05 to the 06 mayb?
not a big deal either way...still gettn my 06:)
just wondering which one it will have?
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I have an 06 with 1 touch up & down, its pretty neat, just sucks when u just want to crack the window when you are parked for example
All tC's have 1 touch up and down on both windows. The switches are 2-level, so if you want to open it just a little bit, only push it halfway.
ok thats wat i was hopn 4..thnks...i wonder if scion knows that their site is wrong
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...I'm not sure if it has it on the passenger window now. Keep in mind that I haven't seen my tC in almost 2 months now.
Originally posted by Azrael@Jul 25 2005, 03:54 PM
Keep in mind that I haven't seen my tC in almost 2 months now.

I crack my windows to let in air when parked at work. The first time I hit the passenger window button, I seem to always roll it down all the way and have to roll it up and then down a little again. I'll be the one to replace the window motors first.

Soonerz, is that as in OU?
yep sure is....big OU fan
Originally posted by soonerz32@Jul 26 2005, 03:16 PM
yep sure is....big OU fan
Go Big Red!
also, 'Noles!

I'm learning to lighten my touch on the auto-windows.
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