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puttin new speakers + amp in tC

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Just got my scion tC on last saturday and it is awesome. I want to change the speakers and get an amp for it though. Any thoughts to what speakers and/or amp I should get with a price range from about 400-600?
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I've got 6 1/2" Rockford Fosgate components and amp for the doors. Sounds awesome and is in your price range.

can i get this stuff installed like at circuit city? Where did you put the amps and how much space did they take up?
Yeah, they can put the stuff in there for you. I don’t think they carry Fosgate stuff, but the carry MTX and the like. If you want fosgate, go to Best Buy or a local shop that carries that brand and does installs. If it were me, I'd go to a local shop to get anything other than a head unit swap.

I put my amp underneath the passenger seat. I had to take the end caps off, but it fits great and doesn't interfere with the movement of the seat.

You have other mounting options for your amps as well. Check out this topic:

You could run a sub amp like the Alpine MRP-M350 (350 Watts RMS into 2 Ohms) for about $200. This would be sufficient if your planning on just adding the sub w/o adding another amp for the highs.

As far as the speakers go, check these posts out:

Hope this helps.
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Inside the door panel seems like a great idea, but what if you need to change the settings?
It's actually inside the rear side panels, not the door panels. If you use any of the 2005 Alpine V-12 amps w/ select Alpine head units, all settings are accessible from the head unit via AmpLink controls. There would be no need to ever access the amps behind the panel. If your not using Alpine stuff, make sure all settings are set up properly before you replace the panels.
Does AmpLink work exclusively with Alpine amps?
Originally posted by Alpman@Feb 9 2005, 01:17 PM
I figured as much, thanks as always.
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