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Purple Scion TC Wallpaper

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Purple belongs on a late 60s GTO or a hot rod imho, NOTHING ELSE!!!
meh i like it... :p

im makin more w/ diff colors
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uh, that purple looks like one of my friends old hyundai echo. eww. but with different colors it would look good.
i put some more colors on my site...
Scion Wallpapers
jus go there and find them

if u want to see a color let me kno
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I would like to see tear graphics, where the paint looks like it is peeling off....go to it
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well heres one in red for ya... if u want a diff color let me kno :p
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Nice, not to shabby looking, i bet that would look pretty cool, i really was kidding, unless you have that kind of free time
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i had a feeling u were kidding... lol but im bord and i wanted to see what it would look like :p
Wow you can really have fun with photoshop.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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