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"Pure Pricing"

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So I'm looking into picking up a tC (Silver Streak or Flint, M/T) in the coming month or so, and I'm working on a broke college kid's budget. As I'm drafting up the mod plans, I'm realizing that this is going to be a fun (albeit slightly pricey) endeavor, but I'm going to want to save money where I can. Now, Toyota is touting their "Pure Pricing" in the Scion line, saying that it'll be a no-hassle experience, but I'd rather deal with a little hassle if it'll save me some cash. MSRP without the dest. fee is about $15,900, whereas the invoice on a tC is around $15,200. Not counting whatever dealer incentives they might have, they're really not making much compared to other companies' markups, but still, does anyone know if they can be talked down? I heard a rumor that if a dealership sells a Scion below MSRP, then they can lose their contract...probably a crock of bs, but still, there may be some validity to it. I'm well aware that Toyota can be kind of anal about max efficiency (especially in pricing). Assuming that I do end up paying the "pure price," has anyone successfully negotiated for freebies? Again, keeping costs down would be nice. Here's a list of dealer installed options/accessories that I'd like to have put on, and if you think I can realistically pick any of these up for free or below invoice, please let me know:

auto-dimming mirror
security system

sport pedal covers
shift knob
cargo net
all-season floor mats

Scion keychains and pens (gotta have some matching funness:p)

Plus, here are some immediate upgrades I intend on putting on that'll eat up cash, if it gives you a fair idea of where I'm coming from:

Katzkin leather interior ($1400)
Tint ($100)
Clear-bra (lip only), since I go to school in Colorado and rocks suck ($150)

Future mods (once I start a real job) will include:
TRD supercharger & exhaust
AEM Cold Air Intake
GPS Nav System and/or DVD
Premium Sound (TBD)
18s? (Depending on ride quality and where I end up moving to after school)

I'm trading in a '97 Ford Mustang GT Convertible (Unfortunately) because of rising gas prices, outlandish insurance costs, and Colorado's uncanny ability to kill my buzz by having the most unpredictable weather on Earth that likes to screw with a torquey rear-wheel drive. Should be about $6-7K on the trade, leaving me with about a $13,000 bill, according to "pure pricing." If I can get that down, that'd be great...I'm really looking forward to this, though. Even though I'm trading in my baby, I'll be happy with the tC because of one factor -- unlimited potential. That, and the huge range of standard features that provide the most bang for your buck and make it so versatile and sophisticated makes it best-in-class in my book. Thanks in advance for the help.
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i am a dealer. i can assure you that all the dealers should be following the pure price solution. posted price equals purchase price. that doesnt mean you cant find it cheaper somewhere else, because the dealer can set its own price. they just cant sell it to you for less than the price they advertise.

as far as negotiating freebies from dealers, thats up to them. i hand out what i can when i can, tshirts and hats and keychains and such, but i dont really give freebies in the sense you are mentioning. we cant throw in a free accessory or part. that would be discounting, which we are forbidden to so. unless the parts dept has that item advertised as free, and that we both know isnt going to happen.

i bought a tC. from myself. cause i am a dealer. i paid full sticker. so i dont think you will have much luck getting too much for free. trust me, the car is worth every penny of the sticker.

edit : you have to understand there is very very little profit margin in these cars. about 900 bucks total profit in a tC for the whole dealership. that includes paying me out, and the man who owns the place, and the finance guy who booked the deal, and the desk manager who penciled it and approved it. but, if you really want to negotiate, my partner at the office (moriarty) has a great solution. we will start negotiating at $20,000. when we get to 16,465, you can have a base model 5 speed.
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1. Sell the stang private party (dealer will rip you a new one with the trade...)
2. Don't buy any accessories with the car - buy stuff online and install yourself - that would save you anywhere from 30-60% on accessories.
3. If you are on so much of a budget - why bother with stuff like pedal covers, shift knobs, leather or a DVD?
4. Scion security is a waste even if bought online. Auto-dimming mirror can be bought on ebay for $60 and installed yourself.
^^^ Speaks the truth. Buy online from or mcgeorge parts.
I am picking up my new tC in the morning. I pushed the dealer from every angle I could. They wouldn't budge on the MSRP, said they even had to pay it, too, or lose their contract. And they would not discount any option, or lower the destination fee or the documentation fee ($299, ouch) (which does not, by the way, include registration), or even throw in 3 more free oil changes. I didnt' ask for a t-shirt, ha ha. And I am a 9-year customer of theirs.
The only place they said they could give a bit was on the trade-in. They gave me $1200 for a car worth about $300 because they had done some unnecessary work on it in the last month. That just took care of the taxes.
I do believe that this vehicle is probably bargain-priced as it is and worth every penny. This Pure Price non-negotiation just takes some getting used to, I guess. I really did my homework on Scions and there is no other car in its class so loaded. I am very lucky that they had about 6 on their lot, just for the choosing. No one here knows what they are at all.
I am thrilled to be getting a Scion and thrilled to be on this board, and look forward to the new Scion "lifestyle." Hi, y'all!
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Glad to have you aboard, easyrider. Enjoy your new tC!
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I'm glad that worked out for you, Easyrider. Darkhorse, take heed.
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