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PSP radio Hookup?

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any u guys know if its possible to use your PSP as an Mp3 player and hook it up to the radio???
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does anyone know anyone else who even has a PSP???
Does the teh PSP have an Audio Output?
If so you can add it to most aftermarket HU's.
All you need it one of those cables that splits to the red/white wires.
^^ Otherwise known as RCA/patch cables. There's even an adapter to make it work with the factory stereo. Someone else will come with a link or "do a search" comment. I'm too tired to find it
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do a search ( comment )


i had to be the "one"
i've been wanted to get a psp so i could watch movies in the car (during my long breaks at school... not while driving) using the stock stero for the sound.... but on the 05's there is no aux input that im aware of... i know the 06's have an aux input....
there's an adapter to get an aux. out that alpman sells for the 05 i think
isn't it just a standard mini headphone jack?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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