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I'm pretty conservative when it comes to cheap bolt-ons and generally do not believe you can get a *noticable* gain from things like that. I had the DC header for about a week - things I noticed are: foul smell (2nd cat does not get hot enough quick enough to work right), crappy sound (even with stock muffler), and none, if not negative effect on low-end acceleration. The last could have been influenced by the sound the car was making with the header installed - I come to expect certain level of power at certain noise level, and if I don't get the power I'm used to, then it feels slower. But even if the thing did give the promised 5-6whp, there is no way in hell one can notice it just by driving the car around town.

If you want to experiment - go ahead, try not to mess up your O2 sensors like many people here did when installing the header, and don't forget the "anti-fouler mod" that seems to help with CEL issues that are inevitable when removing a catalytic converter. If you like it - super, if not - put it on eBay and get most of your money back.

Bottom line - I would not bother with this stuff. The only reason I got it was because I came across one very cheap and decided to play with it before reselling.
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