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Potenzas?Your thoughts...

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So heres the deal... Obviously all the people who got the 2005 Scion tC's got Bridgestone Potenza RE92's on their cars... These are not cheap tires (averaging over 200 dollars a piece)... Anyways, what do you all think of the tires? I personally think they are ok, but as I look at different reviews (such as I find that they get bad reviews compared with other tires. I have done some pretty crazy stuff with my tC as far as fast turns and things, and have had pretty good luck with them, but what about everyone else? Also, if anyone else has ever had them, what do you think of the Falken ST115's, or Falken ZE512's? Also, the BFGoodrich G-Force Sports? I have been thinking about getting these once I am done with the potenzas (I only have 10 K miles on the car, but they wont last probably more than 20 K the way I drive)... Anyways, what do you think, and what would u buy if u know?
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Yes they aren't the best tires out there, and they are at the bottom of the reviews.. You can DO much better.. The stories go for wet traction, not that great..

The ZE512's are good, but if you plan on using them in the snow (i see you're from ohio).. I don't think they are that great. If you only plan on the ZE512's for everything BUT winter, they are good.. Friend of mine has them and likes them.. (has a wrx)..

I have had the pirelli pzero nero m&S.. but went through many defectives until i got ones that were balanceable.. that was frustrating, so I don't think I'll try the pzero's again.. they are good tires, dry, wet, snow.. but not wanting to try again.. Maybe it was just my luck? But why take the chance again?

I've been looking at the Toyo Proxes 4 and Yokohama avid H4S tires.. yes i know the avid's are h-rated and that's fine with me.. that's all i know so far
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there's a pinned topic in the wheels and tires forum that is dedicated to tire reviews. you may find answers there
are the yokohomas any better the then potenza's?
I almost felt guilty about sellign the POStenzas after 6 months of driving on them. How could they possibly be so poor performing? It wasn't as if you even needed to push the car very hard before they started complaining-- audibly. The OEM Firestones that came on the wife's Corolla were noisy, but they put the performance of the POStenzas to shame.

After my six month sentence driving on them, I now firmly beleive the first mod done to any tC should eb to replace the tires. It's the money best spent.
Dr. Isotope.. so what did tires did you replace with?
Falken GR-ß FK451. From what I read at several boards and in numerous reviews, the grip doesn't "go away" after the tires season in; in fact, they actually grip harder after you've gotten down about halfway into the tread.
This should be in Wheels & Tires... and it's been discussed.
Potenzas are crap. I got Yokos on mine, they're still not great, but not as suck as the Bridgestones.
getting rid of my potenzas was one of the best mods ive done so far. it could even be life saving! i've got BFG KDW-2 with about 3000 miles wear on it. Grips really hard, i'll keep you guys posted on the tire wear/grip of these tires and its wet handling once it starts pouring in socal.
"what do you think of the potenzas".....lets just put it this way, I have already replaced them with way better tires for way cheaper!!!

I have the falken ziex ze 512s. got them for like 76 bucks a piece. way better tire for the money, way quiter also!!
The Potenzas are still more than adequate on dry pavement, and are adequate in wet weather with moderate caution (which should be exercised anyway). I don't like them, but I'm not going to bother replacing them before I've gotten some miles out of them...which should be around the beginning of next year.
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