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Post your tC Dealer Freebies or Deals....

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Hey peoplez,

Post your dealer freebies or good deals you were able to get from your dealer. I went to this Scion dealer in Jersey City, and he was all, no I cant do that, cant do this, blah blah blah blah. But I know there are many people out there that asked nicely or maybe strictly to give them an extra incentive to purchase the car. Post em, I want to know what to haggle for save the price.
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There aren't supposed to be any because of Scion's "pure pricing". The most I've heard of any Scion dealership doing is throwing in a 6-disc at no charge...but that's just hear say. But it's not within Scion's guidelines to haggle.
I got two free bottles of water, beef fajitas and a keychain
Man, I should have held out for the water. I guess I was too "easy" for them.
Originally posted by shinobi@Jun 20 2005, 02:08 PM
I got free water.
several free waters if i remember right....

and i will have a key chain very soon...

oh, i should call you. I have some information for you.
They only agreed to take OUT the floormats since I didn't want to pay for them and they could resell them. No key chain, no T-shirt, no hat! And they agreed to dispose of my beautiful, old, sick Camry.
I have given away some really cool die casts that I bought myself and some other things that I really didn't want to give away. it kinda sucks. it is not like i have this pile of things to give away. I wish i did, but, i had to pull teeth to get the key chains.

speaking of freebies... i had a customer bring me some swag... that was cool... more customers should do that. then it can be like x-mas or something. that would make things fun. shoot, it is not like we are making all kinds of money on the car. I guess what I really mean is swag would be cooler on a two way street
yeah my parents wanted me to ask you for free stuff. They wanted me get the 2 hot wheels on your office. I don't like to ask for stuff unless it's really is free stuff like key chains, hat, shirt. It's like someone coming into my room and asking if they can have my TV.
thank you. those hotwheels were a gift from a customer as well. thanks alpman.
damn nothing uh? well i'm working on gettting a cai installed for free at the dealer. this way its under the warranty but i dont want to pay for it. I ordered 5, 06 tCs between myself and close friends so they owe me. i already got a scion skully, a shirt, keychain, hat, and magazines. i'm getting some mo for sho.
I got H2O and 2 keychains.
Lifetime free oil changes with NO catch
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Lifetime free oil changes???????!!!! No Catch?????!!!! Depending how far you drive a year, that dealer is going to lose the profit he made on your car and then some. I've heard of people getting free oil change for 5 years, but not life time. But hey, that's good for you.
We got a free comedy show...
Well NOT REALLY, but we did laugh quite a bit when they told us something like $800ish to install the XM unit
. We passed and I just put in a Roady2.
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I forgot to add, I did get my first 3 services and 5 oil changes for free. I am shocked a dealer would give away a lifetime of oil changes. The service dept is the cash cow for dealerships.
got a keychain and the floormats were free
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Couple more free oil changes on top of the standard three free oil changes. Also got a rental while I waited for my car to come in.
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