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Post your pics...

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Post pictures of the tc's conversation area, maybe even include yourself in the pics. Just curious to see how it would look and to get those who haven't tried it, out there to learn somethin new about their scion.

By the way, I can't post any pics cuz i don't have mine yet, just wanna see other peoples'.
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I think he's talking about how you can fold all the seats back and create kind of a lounge area effect. I don't know. I've never tried it. Maybe I will today, but I kind of feel like it's not something that will be all that useful. heh.
lol, yeah I'm confused...
i havent tried it either, but the other day i did fold the front seat down so i could fit a closet door in there.(taking it to get finished) i love having a hatchback
Ok, lemme explain. Supposedly, one is supposed to be able to remove the front seat headrests and the push the seat all the way forward, and then lean the back of the seat all the way down till it is flush with the butt area of the back seats. This creates a "lounge" area. I just wanna know if anyone has done it.
Sorry if it was unclear at first....
or even now still.
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I've done it, it's a nice area to sleep in between classes.
Originally posted by Jagman6284@Sep 1 2005, 06:17 PM
I've done it, it's a nice area to sleep in between classes.
i tried it... not very comfortable... need pellows or something to smothen it out
I've used it for various "other" activites and it can be pretty nice but watch out for the center console. I also tried using it at a drive in but we could see all of the screen because we ran out of windshield.
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