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Post some pix of the int.

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I just wanna check out the int of a TC, havent had a chance to dealership yet.
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there are a lot of pictures on the actual website, or you can go to car domain, or clubsciontc has a lot of interior pics as well
LOL... at first when I glanced over the posts ... I'm like whats an "int" of a tC?
^ ditto

sounds small and fuzzy. For a split second I was expecting to see pics of somthing like

Here's a link with a variety of tC pics .

Not nearly as cute but just as lovable.
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I have already seen those pix, I want to see the pix that nobody else will show you. So post some crazy pix.
Here you go. some interior pics for you.

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Zoltiz, what are you doing with your car all ripped apart? Putting in a system? Got any finished pics?
Originally posted by thinkbouttc@Nov 3 2004, 08:06 PM
Zoltiz, what are you doing with your car all ripped apart? Putting in a system? Got any finished pics?
The pics are from several differnt occasions. Some are from putting springs on, some are from XM install (the one without a front seat), and some are from the $40 Bazooka install... All you see in the sig was DIY

And as for the "system"... Stock HU, XM and a Bazooka do it for me. I'd rather pay the car off earlier or get a blower.
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can u tell me how hard is it to remove the driver's seat and put it back?

Reason i ask is i wanna move the driver seat back by 2-3 inches, im guessing i would have to drill new holes on the frame to do so. I could use the extra legroom, just for the driver's side. I've asked the dealer, but they dont do that kind of customization.
The drivers seat is held by 4 14mm bolts. Takes 2 minutes to take it out. Oh, don't forget the seatbelt sensor wiring and if you have side airbags - disconnect the negative terminal of the battery first and wait for like 10 minutes for the SRS system to discharge (or ask your dealer techs for more details on it - it's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the airbags blowing up in your face).

When you take it out look at the rails under the seat - maybe there is a way to move the seat back on the rails instead of drilling in the body.

In any case whatever you do - make sure it's nice and sturdy. Seats are a part of safety equipment and if you do it 1/2 ass you might be in danger in case of an accident. But you probably know it without me.
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