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Poofed a Mazda 3

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Heavy contender when I was in the purchasing mode, the Mazda 3 ran real nice, but was too dampened for my tastes. Would have actually owned it instead of the tC, but the dealer treated me poorly.

AAR, poofed a Mazda 3 4-dr yesterday morning on the way to work. He wanted to race, but I was hesitant due to my car just coming off the driveway. I always like a nice warm-up before the race. Took him anyway w/o really cranking the RPMs. All I can figure is that he must have had an automatic. According to C&D, the mazda 3 5-spd is pretty comparable......

It was fun anyway and no one was injured. Once I had hit 60 and he was a length behind, I just coasted. No need to excite the local law enforcement any more than needed.


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"And to think I almost bought one..."

Tell me about it! I was almost certain on a Mazda 3 Sedan before the tC commercials came out!
LOL as was I!!!
I bet most of us did. I know I did, too. When I started considering the 3s and the tC, I held off because I was really set on a mazda6s, but had to look cheaper. I held off on the tC for a little bit because it was a scion and I don't like the other 2 at all, but we went to the dealer anyways and check them out...and I feel in love.
My fiance was looking at a Mazda 3 too earlier this year... lol. If this is true for most of us... Mazda must be hurting...
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actually the 3's been their best selling car since it rolled out. I bet once the tC rolled out sales dropped kinna it's probably mostly people looking for a more "practical" car...
looking at some of the specs of the Mazda 3, i was really surpirsed to see that it was almost close to our tC's. The torque/hp are very close, and even the weight is on the same level, pudgy, i really want to know how the tC would do against a 5spd =)
I was VERY close to buying a Mazda3 - the Mazda salesman followed up but my Scion salesman has not! I guess once I bought the tC the Scion guy had nothing to gain.
If I read the C&D article correctly, the 3 in 5-spd is as fast as the tC. Only the Mini-S was faster.

The problem I had, and I think most of you had, is that the 3 is sooo dampened, that it does not feel as fast. I wound out both the test drive tC and the 3. It is a preception thing. The tC sounded fast and felt fast. The 3 did not sound fast, so it did not feel as fast. But come to think of it, it cranked. But if the butt does not feel it, does it really count? Sort of like the bear in the forest joke.

But I did like the 3s' guages better and the extra room. The room stuff is superflous to me as I am the only driver, but I could carry more if I "wanted" to. The gauges were just plain cool, despite the oddly laid out dash.

And yes, the 3 is an excellent seller. I wanted a 5-spd in anything but white. Went to buy a Velocity red one (real cool color), but the salesman jerked me around by not telling me it had been sold. I retaliated by buying the tC.

People say hindsight is 20-20. In this case, I know I got the better car!

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my good friend got one in velocity red, and i got to drive it also. I pushed it hard, and even though it was an auto, it had some balls. When I test drove the tC, also in auto, I noticed that it pulled a little harder, and sounded better as well. And yeah, these cars specs are very similar in terms of HP and engine size, but if you notice, I think the Mazda 3s has like, 140-something lb-ft of torque, and the tC has 160. Also I noticed that on the 3, there was not that much low end torque, and i had to push the engine to get anything out of it. That was the opposited with the tC, it started nicely on the low end, and continued all through the powerband. Once again, i can't wait to get my tC, so I can possibly race my friend. (After the break-in period, of course)
The 3 is a nice ride but i am ot a fan of four doors or wagons, Coupes for me please. One thing it does have is HIDs!!
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The HIDs are an option bundled with the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (standard on the tC) for $700.
I actually never seriously considered a Mazda 3, for reliability reasons. In case some of you weren't already aware of this, Mazda is now owned by Ford, which is a serious problem for me -- I won't buy Fords, reliability being the #1 issue but not the only one. I'll admit I was a bit tempted by the Mazda 3, but I nixed it as a choice in about 5 minutes. I've just heard too many stories about Fords (and now Mazdas) crapping out way too soon. Plus, like many of you have said in other threads, you just can't beat Toyota reliability.

What I was really set on before I heard about the tC was the Accord Coupe V6. After I drove the tC and saw its specs and the reviews, there was no contest -- $19,700 vs. $27,000+, same 0-60 and 1/4-mile, virtually the same feature packages (except for some I didn't care about, like heated seats, and some that the tC has and that the Accord doesn't even offer), and the tC looks even hotter than the Accord Coupe (which I like the looks of). Like I said, no contest.
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mazda's actually only somewhere between 25 and 33 percent owned by ford. That figure slides from dealer to dealer, but I know it's a small percentage. Basicly the 3 is the new focus/the new S40. All three of those cars are almost identical, and surprisingly mazda's engineer's had more to do with the design of all three cars then either of the two other companies.
Just did some research...

Ford owns a 33.4% equity stake in Mazda. Perhaps more importantly, though, Ford owns 50% of a joint venture with Mazda which is responsible for producing Mazdas for sale in the U.S.

That's a little more say than I want such a legendarily terrible company to have in the design and manufacture of my car...Just my opinion, though.
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Raced my second 3 hatchback this morning on my way to work, I know this one was a five speed because I heard him hit second gear as I pulled away from him. When I started to really pull on him in 3rd I think he felt silly and slowed down. Another 3 bites the dust.
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Most of Mazda's cars are made at Ford plants, but the RX8 and another vehicle are not touched by them, strictly all Japanese.

The other car is the Miata.
i honestly not a fan of the mazda 3. first off. it aint that pretty.. second.. its got a ford motor!

bah. tc > 3 any day
Originally posted by SilverX@Aug 27 2004, 10:00 AM
Most of Mazda's cars are made at Ford plants, but the RX8 and another vehicle are not touched by them, strictly all Japanese.
Mazda3s are made in Japan. I drove an auto hatch - not that crazy. My co-worker has a hatch 5-speed. I'll drive it one day, see what it's made of

I liked them, especially hatch, but Mazda dealer was a butt which cooled me down a bit - enough to wait for several months and buy a tC
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