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Hahaha... the back end looks like its way too high... the lights do look like the tC lights... and the sunroof idea is like the tC but its kinda wierd how their sunroof works...
No need to be angry, this just shows how cool the tC is now that other companies are beginning to copy it.
Oh well.

tC borrowed somewhat from the BMW's 5 Series headlight.
Pontiac SUX... Plus thats a 4 door. I don't like the sun roof design at all... looks like it would break very easilly, and i hate the wheels. Its ugly, and I bet the front looks nothing like the tC's. I'd like to know what the price of that thing is...
base price starts at $21,300... i'd add a bit and pick an accord instead if i'd spend that much money... ok it's a v6 but still, the vvt-i camry engines that we have are still the #### for this type of cars... it doesn't have that "new look" or x-factor appeal of the scion tc... over all look reminds me of saturn ion instead... maybe because of it's wheels... in fairness to the g6, i like it being a four door and as an alternative for others so the streets won't end up with too many tc's... i think i'm starting to get selfish now... ok i stop...
tC rules!

those wheels are ugly on the pont g6. tell people to go get one of those so we can keep all the tC's to ourselves!

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It's very possible that they got some help from Toyota on that one, just like they did with the Vibe. Even so, it's still a Pontiac and it's still an ugly mofo.
Yes, I had a Pontiac ONCE, too.
It had great stylin', but what a piece of crap!
I did like the speakers in the headrest, though.

The Pontiac Vibe looked interesting but with that nameplate I just couldn't bring myself to look at it.
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In a sense it's a form of flatery. Toyota put out a good thing an that people are trying to mimic their style. I personaly do not like american cars and only stick to Toyota and allways will. I belive that Pontiac is trying to take Toyota's customers. But the true fans won't go for that POS. Pontiac is trying to crimp Toyota style.
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What can you say?


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Um, Pontiac and Toyota have some relation (forgot which) but I think they share a manufacturing site.

The tC borrowed somewhat from the BMW 5 series... Car's borrow from each other, deal with it.
Originally posted by SilverX@Aug 21 2004, 06:55 PM
The tC borrowed somewhat from the BMW 5 series... Car's borrow from each other, deal with it.
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Nothing compares to the quality of a Toyota even though they might be manufactured at the same plant.
I couldn't agree more. While the pontiac looks the same, the important stuff... motor and drive train... are 100% different. So while they're junking their cars at 100k miles, we're just going in for an oil change. Thats a good feeling...
yeah you said it. You could say that twice.!!!!!!
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