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Pix of my Pillar Pods and C2 Gauges

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Just thought I would post some pix of my new pillar pod with Auto Meter C2 gauges installed. I have oil pressure, water tempature and boost. Now just waiting for the TRD supercharger from Ken. Thanks to Area One Motorsports for the great install.

Go Nomura Ken!!!
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How much did that run you?
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where did you get that bro, how much did it run you, sweet, i love it
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you neeed to install those for the supercharger?
Nice fitment!

lol i didnt notice that the first time
Looks very nice... how much were those guages? They look REALLY bright.

3 Gauge Pillar Pod:
the boost gauge is not functional yet then?
That gauge pod is the sdame exact one from creative compacts go to it is the same pod and it is only 59 bucks.
Thanks for the positive comments guys...
Yes the pillar pod from creative compacts for $59.00...the gauges were $380.00 them for under $300 discounted and the install was around 3 hours @ $75.00 an hour.
correct...the boost gauge is not functional yet...waiting for the supercharger
and yes that is a bbq lighter...I use that to light my cigars...but never smoke in the car!!!
Looks awesome!
How did you come out with the figure $380? I looked @ several sites and I come out to about $530. bst $199.95, o/p $201.95, H2O temp $130.95. Jegs has free 1-2 day shipping it said at the top. Boost only and boost/vac gauge same price so why not get the combo? Where and how did you get a discount? Can anybody get a discount. Also can you get the S/C installed w/o the boost gauge? Sorry in advance if these are stupid questions!
actually there are high end and lower end gauges...I got the 2 lower end gauges for water temp and oil pressure...they are only about 60 to 70 bucks a piece and saved a little cash.
OMG have any of you guys been on ebay latley???? all three guages for 199, he install is pretty simple i had that in tc it came out to about 280
How are you able to see around those?
Originally posted by EddieMoney@Oct 6 2005, 09:07 AM
Clean up that carpeting...come on!!
Haha I wanted to say this too but didn't want to be the first
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