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To start off, let me introduce myself, my name is Jeremy, living in Pittsburgh PA, and I just got my new TC back in late Oct. I'm loving almost every mile of it, I say (almost) because I'm a new driver for a 5peed manual, my prevous car was an automatic, so it was like learning to drive all over again. No one taught me just a few hours lession with the Scion dealer is all I had to go by. I switch cause I wanted more contorl of the shifting, and wanted that fast in the furious rush feeling, well just a taste of it anyways. After awhile I got the hand of shifting, down shifting, and so on. I can drive it pretty well now, but I want to REALLY drive it; if you konw what i mean.
anyways enough about me. here's some information about the car show, if ya able to attend.
location- David L Lawrence Convention Center

when-February 25-27

here's a look at last years car show,
2004 world of wheels

I'll be driving my TC to the show, not to be part of the car shwo, but to get there, and parking my car in the $costly parking space near by

let me know if anyone got a fixed up Scion that will be showing, or if other TC owners will be there.

the week before the world of wheels show, the International Auto Show will be going on, showing all new 2005 models, I uaually attend, for the exception of the cool concept cars, I don't need to go this year, since I got a new ride
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HEY MAN my name is louie and i will be buyig a tc in the next couple of weeks...i live about forty miles south of the burgh in a town called republic...its near uniontown...i was wondering where u bought yours...i test drove one in greensburg and loved it ..all im waiting on is a check from my insurance company...i used to have a evo 8 but i killed it in late october,...i fell in love with the tc after i wrecked my car cuz i knew i needed a much more sensible one...i am on this site every other day so hopefully i will see some posts from u maybe we could hang at the buddy is trying to talk me into going so we'll see ...later man
hey Louie sorry it took me soo long to reply. I kinda gave up too earily waitng for a reply, so it wasn't till last weekend when I realized that finally someone replied to my post. last few weeks I've been busy working or sleepin, anyways...
I got my tc at Spitzer Toyota in Monroeville on rt 22 near the PA turn pike

spitzer toyota

for 5 years I've been driving around in a 93 Integra 3dr automatic. I did some mild things to it, sound system, rims (two rims got dented, gotta love PA roads), tinted windows, 8 neon lighting, wide month front bumper, repainted the faded areas, exhuast. I thought about swooping a manual trans, instead of buying a new car. Then I remembered how much crap I put up with driving that old ride around. I was sick of trying to fixed all the little things just to keep it running. I gave up on the 165,000 mile teg. and traded it in, I should have sold it myself, they only gave me $1800 for it. oh well.
I had to wait about a month for the my TC, I do miss the ragged teg but I'm having a great time with my new car, already got my first speeding ticket lol man, why didn't the cop pull over the bitch in that white SUV next to me going 10 mph faster? ugh.


I will be at the car show sometime on Sat, but I have to leave in time for work by 5.
if you do see a dark gray Scion TC with blue flamed seat covers parked in the parking lot, thats mine. Hopfully I'll be able to get to some serious stuff when spring hits
hope to see ya there.
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oh and by the way.. I LOVE MY Scion TC, a very fun car to drive, glad i went with Scion rather than a boring Caviler or Neon, or Honda. Don't get me wrong you can do some nice stuff to those cars.
With the 160plus ph, standards similar to Lexus, double sun roof, cd/mp3 player, back sent recline, lots of leg room for back seaters.
For what I paid for DAMN it was sure worth getting the TC.

The car show was great, but not as big as last yesrs world of wheels.
here's a slide show of all the pic i took.
bytheway the 1st pic is me, not the best pic but oh well

my pic of 2005 World of Wheels

ps. hey louis.. if you did go Sat, we could have been eye to eye and not know it, oh well.
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