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Pissed...Need to vent

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My parents are and bunch of freakin $*(##*&)#*(&$)#(&*$#()&*$#()&*$)(#*& I'm trying to back out a $*&^ing narrow drive way with side pavers, they just have to call me, making me jump, I let my *&^%ing foot off the brake and curb a rim.... #$#)*(%&#()$*&#)($*&#)(&*$)#&)(*&#()*$&#()&$#()*&$ now I have to spend who knows how much to get a new a rim, and theres a small chunk in my tired i'll have to get a new one of those too:|

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heres the pic

oh yeah cars only got 740 miles on it....

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They must be VERY loud in order to freak you out with a shout.

Sad day. I think you can buy factory rims from Scion, of course they are pretty pricy

(after seeing the pic)

Wait, it's just barely a cut. If the rim is not damaged you should keep your money and stay with it.
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Found some on Ebay, $100 to start....
i thought u can repaire them, there is a DIY thread somewhere here, juss a while ago
DONT BUY A NEW RIM, just call these dudes......if theyre in your area

that sucks
That's really not that bad though. I mean think about it, keeping your car in "like new" condition is VERY hard. There are bound to be more freak accidents like that, so why not just deal with it and not waste any money on a new wheel? That's what I'd do anyway.

But if you're determinded to replace it, yeah, I'd look at ebay too. Dealers are expensive.
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I agree... sh** happens. I've had my car for a year now and also just scratched my rim a little bit, not too bad. Not worth the money to get a new rim. Save the money for something else man.
2 of mine are curb rashed.... *shrugs. It's a damn rim. It's gonna happen.
yeah don't worry too much about it... I got a nice gash in mine too... after a while you don't even notice it cause you'll be freaked out about a door ding that someone caused or the small little rocks that are stuck in the paint of your front hood and bumper... :p
Dude. they don't look that bad. I'd say get out your dremmel tool and try to blend it out first. You might be surprised. There are also wheel shops that specialize in repairing aluminum rims. They may be able to help inexpensively. And before you get too mad at your parents, remember all the stuff of theirs you wrecked growing up.

Calm down buddy there are much worse things that could happen to your car. I've only got 2 good rims left and I'm not even stressing over the other 2. Once you've had the car for a while you'll get used to things like this (stuff happens).
I did get a nail in my tire back in July and bought a tire & rim from one of the guys on here...Can't remember his name or his sn...nice kid tho and I know he said he had some rims I feel kinda bad now but maybe he'll see your post and help you out if he can. Not sure if he wants to ship to CT but you never know. And aside from Ebay remember to check the For Sale forum here cuz people are always upgrading to new rims and selling the old one for cheap.
Out of curiosity, is there a special Dremmel bit for this sort of thing?
Originally posted by Eric@Sep 4 2005, 09:25 AM
Out of curiosity, is there a special Dremmel bit for this sort of thing?
No, but there are a lot of polishing tools available for small die grinders like the Dremel. Which one(s) you use just depends on the final finish you want.
Don't feel bad, I have a God damn ding in the center of my passenger door. Perfectly round, about the size of a quarter. I've been told to use Dent Wizard? Anyone have any ideas? Definitely does not look cool on a 2 week old car.
Dent Wizard (paintless dent removers) do miracles. It's worth taking it to them for an estimate, I would definitely try that first.
I've used paintless dent remover shops for several of my cars with excellent results. I'd definately try them first. Should cost you less than $100 per panel.

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