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pioneer t1804 oem stereo deck

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well, im just curious, does this oem stereo deck from tC has preouts? i mean line outs or sub out? im just wondering because im planning to put a sub to my tC and it's the first step that im gonna do. i want a bit of bass for now . thanks. a good picture of the back stereo deck would be nice
i dont know how to remove the stereo deck

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no, no preouts. the only sub out is for the bazooka offered as an accessory, and it is crap. go aftermarket HU.
im alil bit confused, you told me that there is a sub out for the bazooka?

is it an rca sub out? if it is then its ok. im planning to get alpine swr 1242d and MRD-M605 to power it up.

no, it isnt an rca out. it is specifically for the bazooka sub offered as an accessory. so, if you want to go with your alpine gear, but dont want to change your HU, you need to go with hi/lo level converter. i know this, cause its what i did with my type r 12 and mrd m500.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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