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Would a pinstripe add to or take away from the silver Tc?

  • definitely add to, make it look more sporty

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I need help deciding! thanks for your votes!... im picking up my car this week
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Originally posted by inevitablegod+Apr 7 2005, 05:51 PM-->QUOTE (inevitablegod @ Apr 7 2005, 05:51 PM)
@Mar 30 2005, 01:13 PM
I think the stipe on that Azure is very nicely done.
i second that. well, actually, i dont usually second anything spelled incorrectly. but, since i know he meant stripe, i will second it. [/b]
No, I actually meant "stipe."

That's what the kids are calling it these days. I believe it's "off the chain" or something.
Damn. Wolo is thirty-something now, isn't he? Kids today!
I am gonna get a hand painted custom design pinstripe done to my IIP in the near future
No on the pin stripes. I think they're kinda tacky. I left my last car with a dealership to get the hood painted and when I got the car back they had put pin stripes on it! I was so ticked. And when I made them take it off it left ugly marks.

I kinda like pinstripes, but thicker....

Dont know whos cars these are but, hope you dopnt mind my photoshopping on them... till I get my

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just curious...what's the reason for the pinstripes? They tend to make me think of Fords...not sure why???
No pinstripes plz.
what if someone did a pinstripe starting on the fender (where the body line starts) above the door handle, and ran down that line instead of being up so high?if i had or knew how to photoshop i would try it. but for the most part i dont like pinstripes. clean look is what i like.
yup alot like that, i think that looks nice.
not bad for photoshop 7 huh?
i need to get photoshop, looks like alot more fun
Pinstripes on the tc would be, IMHO, very tacky.
Yea I dunno about pinstripes but I was thinkin about a graphic of some sort... like really close to the original color but have a big tilted S on the side... I dunno I guess I need to get the car first ;P
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