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Would a pinstripe add to or take away from the silver Tc?

  • definitely add to, make it look more sporty

    Votes: 0 0.0%


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I need help deciding! thanks for your votes!... im picking up my car this week
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Your poll is broken. It needs to be fixed.
i think it would make it ugly... but i've always like clean cars... no stickers... no crazy lighting..... no wings or body kits.... boring?? maybe.... simple?? yes....

but if you want to stand out from everyone else... then i guess a racing stripe would be one way to do it
I voted take away. Then again, I've never seen it, and I may change my mind once I have.
Well, it would definitely add an ugly pinstripe...
It depends on the stripe, but I would lean toward skipping it.
Just so we're clear, you're just talking about a small pinstripe like on the pic of the one in the other thread, right? And not a Viper-esque racing stripe(s) down the middle of the car. The former looks okay in the aforementioned pics, the latter wouldn't be good at all. And I think it would be best to just not mess with either ("if it ain't broke, don't fix it").
if someone was good with some photoshop that would be nice to see
My azure pearl has a pinstripe. I've never really paid it any attention.

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go for it. i was thinking about doing it myself too.
Well I guess it wouldn't really show on my FM, unless I went with lighter colors, which might stand out too much. I think I'll keep it the way it is for now. I do like it on that azure pearl though.
I think the pinstripe is a risky route. It does look good on that azure though... If you find something tasteful like that do it but make sure to see it photoshopped first.
looks ok. whats the cost of doing it, you doing it yourself or through someone?
I wouldn't do that...IMO
I think the stripe on that Azure is very nicely done.

EDIT: I can't spell.
Do all the tC's come with pin stripes? I was up at the dealer yesterday and saw a silver one with pin stripes. I didn't like it. I prefer a nice clean look.
They do not come from the factory with pinstripes. These are dealers, unfortunately, adding them on.
Originally posted by Wolo@Mar 30 2005, 01:13 PM
I think the stipe on that Azure is very nicely done.
i second that. well, actually, i dont usually second anything spelled incorrectly. but, since i know he meant stripe, i will second it.
Personally, I like the clean look. No stripe.
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