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pictures! white white

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someone hit the bumper of my car and ran.. it was totally smushed in.. looked like someone punched and kicked the crap out of it, but it was another car that hurt it. so i got it fixed.. however it's not perfect anymore.

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lol nice car...

usually, i would say you cant see the damage, but id be lying....

got it, get it, good
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Sorry to hear about the damage, but still looking nice. Cant wait for mine to get here!
Sorry to hear that but your going to have to learn to park out in BFE so things like that dont happen. Was there a camera on a pole in the parking lot that might have seen it happen? You sould try and park in the view of one when you can.
Have you tinted thw windshield 2, cuz it looks like it's tinted.
take care of that little guy for us !
yeah my front windshield is tinted a bit. . course not 5% cause that's just illegal.. haha. the pic just makes it look really dark though
I think any tint on the front windshield is illegal....
i think it depends where you live. vegas doesn't seem to care much
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This is my perfect car Im only 15 but I prey to get on just like this for my 16th birthday in August
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