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*pics* Street Concept's M Power kit

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Ok guys, finally, here are the pics of my M Power body kit installed and painted, there was no sun so the pics might be kinda dark. I would like to send a special thanks to Heru from Street Concept(my sponsor) for making such a great looking kit and paying special attention to our fellow Scion owners needs, great job Heru
. This project took about 3.5 months, but now that I see the final results, I can say it was all worth it. Let me know what yah think, but please keep the critisism constructive, thanks. I will post more pics in the following days, I still have to install the fog light inserts, fog lights, blaked out grills(hopefully Heru will be getting these soon), CF eye lids, MOMO racing seat, custom dual exhaust muffler and CF trunk(hopefully they will be in stock soon), anyways, here are a bunch of pics, enjoy:

Here's the hood Heru sells:

Here's some pics with the roof open:

This pic is to show you how low the front kit sits from the ground, I don't know how to read these things, so how much is this? 5.5" of the ground? I have 17" wheels with the same size tires as stock and TRD lowering springs.

here's where I'm planning on putting my dual exhaust set-up:
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Originally posted by lo bux racer@Oct 28 2005, 07:04 PM
Don't like the rear, don't like the unpainted hood. Reminds me of a primered Honda hatch. CF takes paint just fine, and leaving it with the weave showing almost always looks ugly IMO.

Rear looks RICE. Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancement. Without the rest of the stuff you need it just looks taque. Maybe if the visible part behind it were painted black it wouldn't look so "added-on" and not part of the original fit and feel of the car.

I like the design of the front, but again, it looks unfinished. Black behind the openings would be good, or some kind of grill work to hide the view of the raw chassis would be nice.
I agree 110%
Originally posted by josurr@Oct 30 2005, 12:12 PM
the back to me looks like it was inspired by Ferrari... i would definately buy the rear bumper and get dual exhaust (once i go FI on my tC though) and then see if i could have a better front molded to look like a 355 or 360 ferrari....

just my $.02
You drive a Toyota, Josh. Not a Ferrari.
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Originally posted by josurr@Oct 30 2005, 01:26 PM
i dont give you crap about pika and it being a neon (mainly b/c you get enough sh!t about that already)...
I prefer "Lemon Skittle"
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Back on topic... I think some CF eye lids (or paint matched if you paint the hood) would be F'ing hot IMO.
Well, the way your guys' head lamps point into the fender (so to speak) color matched lids would be a must. I have the googly eyes and it's a bit more forgivable.
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