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Pics of the "incomplete" tC

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I went ahead and took a few pictures of my tC with the uninstalled options. Unfortunately, my camera barely works and there is too much shade in the driveway. I promise to take better pictures once the car is finished.

tC from a distance

tC from behind

Metallic flakes

More flakes (I have the "door bumpers" on for a reason)

Seat Side Airbag & Side Curtain Airbag
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the door bumpers prevent u from hitting other pplz cars, but what about yours? Or does it protect yours as well??
isnt there any nicer door bumpers you couldve gotten?? LOL, no jk, nice car
I have the door bumpers on temporarily because right now I have to park the tC in a garage next to a Ford Expedition and the Expedition takes up more room than the tC. So whenever I try to move the car out of the garage, I put the bumpers on in order to prevent the driver's door from hitting the Expedition.

The mods will come any day now. I'm still waiting for a call from ToyoGreenville to tell me when to bring back the car to have the options installed.
Bah...just drive to Atlanta and have Marty put your spoiler on, drive to Chat and have Pliss do some springs, and then come up here and I'll put on a sway bar, strut bar....and pretend you have a manual and pretend to install a quickshifter.
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