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Picky Picky Owners!

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More and more on all the tC boards I see complaints about our tC that are so god damned nit-picky its sickening. Ive seen complaints that encompass people being let down, for expectations that Mercedes and Porsche owners should have exclusively!!!

I've heard a couple times that Scion has recieved more complaints on its models on average, than any of its other cars. Could this be inferior quality? could it be could it be that the people making these complaints think they are owed more than their share? Lets keep in mind for a second that the tC is a $16,000 car.............yes that is a lot of money, but its still an economy car considering the competition! Complaining about minor wind-noise from a sunroof is ludacris, and bitching about the "####ty" stock tires like we should be rolling around on top-quality rubber because we own Scions is absured. I think that the fact that this car is availible to so many people because of its a HUGE disadvantage for Scion.

Im expecting a ton of flames for this post, sometimes the truth is a hard pill to swallow. Fact of the matter remains, most of the complaints on Scion Life and Club Scion tC make me chuckle, the model is a "tC" not an "E-Class" or a "911". Commense LE' Flames!!!!!!!! - T
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eh, some people complain just to complain, but a lot of the posts I read have more to do w/ people working towards a solution to a problem, no matter how major or minor. And then there are things that should not go wrong on any car, no matter the price, and it usually ends up w/ the person being told to take it back to the dealer & having them fix it...
Don't sweat the small stuff... just ignore those posts & have fun

You know, and most of us here know, that it's a great car, especially for the price.
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No Flames. It's all true what you said. Let alone this is also the first year for this car. Mine is on order and I like this car alot. I have a Solora now and sometimes I wonder trading that in for this car is a good trade??? Anyone have any feedback to that? Or will you just say personal preference to what I want. thanks!

Still agree with you also.. The TC is sweet, I love the car. But it's not a 30k car. For the price, and what you get, it's a great deal.
I totally agree with you, TCrazy.

Part of what makes the tC so amazingly sweet is that it is such a great value -- it is absolutely, totally, and completely impossible to find a car with a similar standard feature package, one that looks so great, one that drives so well, and one with the great reputation for reliability and retaining value that Toyota brings to the table, for anywhere near the price of a tC.

Anyone who says otherwise is just plain wrong.
Originally posted by basilisk4@Aug 11 2004, 02:23 PM
I totally agree with you, TCrazy.

Part of what makes the tC so amazingly sweet is that it is such a great value -- it is absolutely, totally, and completely impossible to find a car with a similar standard feature package, one that looks so great, one that drives so well, and one with the great reputation for reliability and retaining value that Toyota brings to the table, for anywhere near the price of a tC.

Anyone who says otherwise is just plain wrong.
exactly, the tC packs an insane amount of VALUE into itself. Unfortunatly, it seems like people are forgetting the core competencies that Toyota does so well for all of their cars, which are all of the things you mentioned, and just brushing them aside in order to complain.

Seriously, take the wind noise for example. Theres a post somewhere complaining about windnoise from the sunroof at 80MPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are you insane? To make a sunroof quiet at 80MPH is the expectation of a luxury car buyer, not an economy car buyer.........reality check for some people is in SERIOUS order.
Dude... I don't think people are complaining as much as they are trying to understand what's normal and what's not. We all understand its a 16/17K car... and we all agree its a very very good value for that price...

I have to agree with Eric... if something is wrong on the car, its up to us to let each other know as well as to let Scion know so that it either can get fixed or identified as a known problem, flaw, gap, whatever you want to call it...

Not everyone is as car savvy as you...
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I bet the price goes up next year anyways... If not next year in the near future.

What would you do...
I had a 2001 Celica. Then got an SUV. Didn't like it and now have the Solara.

I have 4.5 years lef ton the car. If I get the TC. Starting fresh at 6 years. The Solara is nice and all, but not really doing it for me. I guess I dont' want to feel as though I am down trading. And again, I love the TC. Any info?

And thanks for the Welcome Eric.
I love the tC strictly because of all that it comes with. I won't really care if there's "wind noise" or "popping" or the radio etc etc. All of the features that this car comes with is miles away in comparison to the car that I'm driving now. So I get to appreciate little things such as A/C on hot summer days, Cruise Control for long trips, Automatic windows so you don't have to reach over and turn the lever, a sunroof for god's sake!, more than 90 hp so that getting up to my parent's house which is on the hills will be easier and less stressful... I mean all of these things that so many people take for granted, I get to appreciate
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Thats right, tripeclipse has the right idea. Be appreciative and greatful for how awesome the car is.......end of story.

Someone above said something about being me being savy and therefore I know whats normal and whats not in a car <--------------------thats a good point but still.......have you SEEN some of the complaints? "The paint is to thin" "the panels are to dent prone" "the rear third brake light only lights up in the middle :-(" "the rims could be bigger for stock" " the body has to much roll" "the stock ride height is to high" . Seriously, I wish everyone would just step back and be like 'DAMN! my car kicks ass :) - T
I just got my tC and I love it. I couldn't be any happier and wouldn't know what to complain about, well then again this is my first ever car and I don't have much to compare it to.
I'm one that started the tire replacement thread originally..
the tire thing? I've been informing people of what I've known of the RE92's.. and that to be careful.. it's called concern.. The research I've done shows that they aren't that good, and reviews are a good thing.. It informs the rest of us.. to which this board is for.. information.. but you know what? when have original, stock tires EVER been the best? Unless you buy a porsche or some other high end model..

Wind noise? sure I had wind noise in my 96 Civic and yeah if an 8 year old civic can be quiet then yes a scion can be as well.. but a little glue on a molding.. and all fixed.. I kind of think for the first year production these kinds of things ARE going to pop up.. no car manufacturer is perfect.. some are just better than others..

the tC is a great car and scion should be applauded for bringing it to market.. doesn't change the fact that the tires are the first upgrade i'll be doing..
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The tC is an outstanding value. Read the reviews. Because it is so affordable, you have a lot of young, first time drivers. They dont know what to expect and are probably comparing the tC to Mommy and Daddy's $40K wheels. There will probably be some problems (they did produce this model in less time than any other) but Toyota is good at backing up their product. So far, about the biggest complaint I've heard is that the car creaks and pops when you go over bumps. I've got a Supra TT targa and it REALLY creaks and pops over bumps. So... I guess the Supra is crap?
doood...the tires on this car kick ass. i did some curve carving in the mountains a couple of weeks ago and if wasnt for these tires i would not have had nearly as much fun. i believe the tires help to make up for the body roll in the rear end. I love my car and it kicks major ass. I cant wait to push the tires even closer to the edge when my springs and sway bar go on this weekend.

Hey, I'm Ed, the apparently infamous "wind noise at 80 MPH" guy. I will start of by saying that I absolutely LOVE my car. Viewing any of my posts on this board should support that. I speak praises to anyone who will listen, and I myself am floored with the value, the array of features, and the quality they have packed into a $16K car. When I'm on this message board, I speak a lot of praise, but I also share any problems I encounter, not to rip on the car, but to find solutions. The wind noise is something I brought up because I encouter it only on occasion, which leads me to believe its something that can be rectified. And I also bring it up because it is a LOUD howling noise, not simply the sound of air rushing by. Perhaps this will provide a bit of insight into my complaints.

P.S. I love my tC.
HA! i knew this thread would be great. Listen, im not singling out anyone and nor do I intend to lessen the significance of any LIGITIMATE problems anyone here may or may not be having with their tC (I.E. wind howling noise guy, or tires suck guy etc...) you guys dont have to explain yourselfs to me. I judge NOT by whether people post a problem, but by their efforts in finding the solution for others to share. I commend all of the people on here for being unbiased in their posting and seeking advice on how to fix........rather than a soapbox (hi scionlife) to cry on. I hope this board continues to evolve into what looks like, one of the finer boards for tC dedicated discussion. Cheers to all. - T
...there are people actually complaining about a knob on the heating/cooling controls.. they were yelling at scion.. turns out IT IS aluminum.. i really wouldn't have cared if it was plastic.. the car is a heck of a deal..[/b]

if you go to scionlife tC thread, there is about 6 pages on this one...IT MAKES ME SICK!!!!!!!!

I fought back (since the tC can't argue back for itself)lol, but it just got thrown back at I just started being a smartass out of spite. -it ruffled a few prissy feathers!

All I have to say is that this car is badASS! I couldn't have even imagined the greatness of it.

I had such supremely HIGH expectations of the car, I put a deposit down, and even BOUGHT THE CAR BEFORE I EVER DROVE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and its met and even surpassed every single expectation I had.

this car rocks. Plain and simple.
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