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Hi, All,

Picking up an absolute red 2014 TC 6 speed tonight for my new daily driver. This will be my first Scion but not my first Toyota. Over the years I have owned plenty of different cars including 86 MR2 with silvertop 20V, 81 celica GT, 85 SR5 Corolla, 83 and 84 Celica GT's, and a few other daily drivers. I am replacing my current daily which is a 2005 Corolla S 5 speed. The corolla will be going to my son once he gets his license permit (currently 14 years old). I also have a project car which is a 1982 Celica Supra that I have swapped in a 1UZ into it. It is strictly an autox/track day car at this point (picture of it below).

I look forward to meeting many of you and learning more about the tC's. I don't plan to do too much to the car as it will be a daily but I'm sure I will take it to autox a time or two when the Supra isn't running.

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