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Photoshop Request

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Hey guys, i was wonderin if someone could photoshp these two pics for me, with the stock rims painted black with the polished lip, lowered, and with tints. Thanks.

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Thanks man, I really appreciate it.
no thanks, that one is perfect
Id do on my own, but i have no idea how to use photoshop
here is the second photo
i used 2 different method on the tint, tell me which one is better

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Thanks for the tutorials. Yea i think the first one was best.
first one i used the brightness thing
2nd one i used the paint bucket n lowered the opacity
Thanks for everything man, i really appreciate it.
NP, now go learn n show me some chop of urs!!!
Just one question, how did you color the rims like that?
use lasso tool select the area, create new layer(ctrl +alt+ n), use the fill tool or brush 2 fill in the area, then lower the opacity to suitable color
or there is other method too
Lol, well I know that I can't even come close to comparing to you guys, but I thought I would try it as well. Here it is... I couldn't get the rims black, so I just made them more graphite looking I guess...

EDIT: I don't know why the picture is so small. Sorry.
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thats pretty good....
juss use lasso click around the rim 2 make em dark, thats wat i did
u didnt drop it did u?
urs almost like mine, except the drop n rim n lighter tint
Yeah it's dropped. Just not to much. So how do I darken the rim? I just used the burn tool...
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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