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Photochopper newbie

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Hey huys. Here's some stuff that I made this week. let me know what you think. here's the link (i hope it works)
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...guess you have to register & log in...
No, it doesn't work cause you gotta register for it. But I'll do that.... I guess... =o)
Here I'll help you all out! Go to the link, at the top right, log in with these:

Name : TCMovesMe
Password : whatmovesyou

Then click log in. Then come back here, and click on the link again!
Pics are quite nice. I like the color!
Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for setting that up
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Thansk for the pics ......and thanks for the ability to view them!!!!!
Welcome! Glad I could help!
thanks, still working on some other pics during free time @ work. later i'll post a link to show pix of my current car.
here's some more stuff I did in the past week. the first 3 are the newest ones.

Name : TCMovesMe
Password : whatmovesyou
provided by FrostbytetC
I like them man. Especially the one with the lightning!
cool. i like the fire!

thanks. i like the tc so much now that i'm pretty much willing to sell my current ride. it's the one in the album with suicide doors. i'm planning on moving to the states next year & hope that it can come with me - DMV rules, emisions etc. have to be checked first.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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