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Performance mods

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I'm not quite sure where this post belongs and I'm just curious about these 2 things. being an old muscle car guy and still a little new to the world of import performance and maybe I'm a little slow here (and I don't mean my car either) and I love my Scion aI am also one of those guys who will spend $3200 plus labor to have the SC installed. But my question is in the performance listing on when you build your own how is a battery tie down and a radiator cap performance? would somebody please explain that to me? espically when a battery tie down is standard in one form or another on all cars.
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In regards to the radiator cap, they claim the cap creates slightly higher pressure for improved engine cooling. In that way, I guess I see the performance angle.

However, the tie down in purely cosmetic. The tCs already have tie dows. These are just "pretty" ones.
didnt you know that the tie down increases energy flow

seriously, its a dress-up
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The radiator cap actually does something useful, but not for a stock engine.
I know that trd and aem decals can add between 10 and 20 hp each. Ask any rice boy
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