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Passenger side airbag

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Hi everyone,

Just wondering if you guys have noticed that there isn't really an opening for the passenger side airbag. Ususally, in other cars, there's a rectangular cover on the dash for the airbag to come out of. Please let me know. Maybe it's in the owner's manual. I'll check it out later. Thanks
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My parents both noticed that while riding in that seat. Kind of strange.
It's seamlessly integrated into the dash...just so you know
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So where exactly does it come out? Does it break through the dash?
^^^ exactly.
that entire curved peice of dash flips up.
See, I guess I can't really imagine the airbag breaking through the dash. The entire dash is one big integrated piece. How would the whole thing flip up for the airbag to deploit? In an accident, there's only a fraction of a second for the airbag to come out. If the entire dash flips up, then the airbag comes out, all I can see is the person hitting his/her head on the dash as it flips up and airbag pushing the person back into the seat afterwards.

I hope I'll never have to use the airbags, but I'm just curious cause obviously I want it to work right. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and replies.
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good thing is, airbags deploy at like 200mph. a fraction of a second is all it needs.
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