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Passed 50k post mark!

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Thank you to all of the great members of Your Scion tC Online Community for helping us pass the 50,000 post mark! I sincerely appreciate all of the support everyone has shown and the dedicated and helpful members who make the site worthwhile!

As a show of appreciation I have a "prize pack" of Scion-related gear to give out, but since Wolo, who was the one who posted # 50,000 (and who's loaded) already has most of the same stuff from going to the same events, I'll have to come up w/ something else for him and we'll do a little contest of sorts to give away the "prize pack"

Thanks again everyone! you guys rock!
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hmmm... do I get to play w/ that new thing I found to restrict what will increase post count based on length of post? ...maybe a little added flood control?
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Its one thing for one or two words posts ("Yeah," "Fo' real," "I agree").

Its another when you take an entire page to say what you could in one line. Bad post-whores. BAD post-whores!
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Flood control is already working. You need to be very patient when jacking up your post count like this.
No, you have to wait at least 10 seconds for each one. So you just open a bunch of windows and click slowly while reading other threads.
Exactly. And hope nobody interferes with your
Which reminds me...I need a couple of 100+ posts in a day to keep ahead of Lance.
I'll never catch you Labbie!
I have an Egyptian Pound that says you will at the end of this month
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81 - 94 of 94 Posts
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