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Passed 50k post mark!

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Thank you to all of the great members of Your Scion tC Online Community for helping us pass the 50,000 post mark! I sincerely appreciate all of the support everyone has shown and the dedicated and helpful members who make the site worthwhile!

As a show of appreciation I have a "prize pack" of Scion-related gear to give out, but since Wolo, who was the one who posted # 50,000 (and who's loaded) already has most of the same stuff from going to the same events, I'll have to come up w/ something else for him and we'll do a little contest of sorts to give away the "prize pack"

Thanks again everyone! you guys rock!
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I'm glad you enjoy the site, but I suggest we leave SL out of discussion for a while. Apparently, its a hot-button topic over there and people think there's some sort of rivalry now.

Super Troopers is a freaking great movie, btw.
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gang war? east VS west? tupac vs biggie? BK vs McD's? Bush vs Kerry?
"I'll have a liter of Cola!"
Originally posted by Eric@Mar 28 2005, 09:51 AM
Thanks again everyone! you guys rock! 
No - YOU rock!

Great site - thanks!
Originally posted by Labfish@Mar 29 2005, 12:36 AM
For a second there I thought that Marty might have passed the 50k post mark
...then I realized I hadn't been on in only a few that couldn't have been it.
Shut up, dude.
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I've just been Martyied.
And the Martylation continues.
Yeah but you're flyin' up the charts
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Not flying at all. Chasing you down...
You'll easily pass me the 2 weeks I'm out of the country.
Pre-*****, straight-up *****, post-*****, hey, it's all good!
you are all post whores. (me too.)
Originally posted by Eric@Mar 28 2005, 02:53 PM
And, since apparently owns D, he will be auctioned off & starting bid is $500, do I hear 6?
how the hell did i miss this?

i'll put my bid in.

I'll give you five bucks, for something i can get for free. (muffin) pwns @ll
Why would you want more of D? You get enough every day from what I hear....
Post ***** wha!?! Holla!
I'd rather be a post ***** than prepubescent.
Wow...almost overtaken the Pliss man. Hehe. Of course I've been in a rut lately...haven't been whoring myself as much as usual.
This is a true post-*****'d message.
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