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The last two weeks have been like a massive Christmas as have recieved:

Clutch Specialists 10 lb flywheel, 6 puc sprung clutch, Super HD PP.(sponsored)

Phantom Grip LSD(sponsored)

Eurathane for modding the motor mounts(wholesale)

Rear Powerslot rotors and ceramic pads(already installed)

Tomorrow supposed to recieve a Wilwood BBK, 4 piston calipers, sloted rotors(by choice, not drilled) SS lines, Wilwood fluid(sponsored)

$500 worth of structural expanding foam, almost done filling all the voids in the chassis with this rather messy stuff. (nearly completed,wholesale)

Just released Arc Audio Flatline 12" sub(sponsored)

Python 900 2 way pager alarm, window module, digital tilt/motion and a proximity sensor(dealer cost, installed)

Sponsored means I get a dang fine price, generally well below dealer cost, sometimes at cost, sometimes a bit more than cost but lower than just about anyone can get it for.

This is all going in within a week or less time but I have ten subaru sub systems to build, a car audio install for a customer, install some speakers in my daughters car, run my internet business, going to be rather busy!

I should have a turbo kit, sponsored, withing a few weeks, a second set of Enkei wheels,sponsored around then as well and still not done, more mods to come!!!

So, come on up or down depending on where from and join in the fun out in the middle of nowhere:)

Yreak CA

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you really need to take pictures.... or are you going to wait till your done and show us the final product? either way... i can't wait to see it
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