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My panic button does nothing! i press and press, NOTHING!
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you gotta hold it down
its a light show I will tell you that
are you telling me that the panic button actually does something with out the "security package" installed?
Panic buttons for those that forget where they park, scaring little children, or giving old people heart attacks (sorry old people and children)

I have had people tell me that the horn on the tC is a beast I guess its loud.
yea, its pretty loud
funny story:

I was at subway getting a roasted ranch chicken bacon sub, when i look outside at some teenager checking out my ride. as the person making my sub wraps it up, i see the teenager calling his friend over to check out the inside of my car. handing my money to the cashier, i see one of the teenagers stick their greasy face on my window. taking my change, i head out the shop, and get my keys out. instead of the unlock button, i set off the panic button, and the kid with his face on my window jumps back, and falls on the car parked next to me, and sets off that person's alarm. I laugh, and say sorry. I say that i thought i was pressing the disarm button.

was a fun time.
hopefully i'll get a chance to do this to somebody.
that is a great story
im going to park my car somewhere and just wait for that to happen

o yes **hijacked**
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I've done something similar. My 06 flint mica is not in yet but I've done it with my 05 type S. I live on a down sloping street. My car is stick, so I can rev it and it doesnt move anywhere. At a red light, I wait for people who arent paying attention as they cross in front of me, I let the car roll down a little bit, rev my engine, and honk the horn as if it was my light. Their faces are priceless. I've seen people jump 4 feet back. Its a cruel joke but funny as hell.
I can say the tC horn is fricken loud.

Puts shame to my Corolla in dB's, but mine sounds better.
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1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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