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First time painting the wheels... and I kind of screwed up this first set of two wheels I did. I think they look *ALRIGHT*, but I definitely need to touch them up. I love the color, but not so much the paint spots. >_<

Here are some images of the finished product:

How should I correct these spots? It's from where the spray paint can dripped...

Should I wet sand these once the paint has dried? Do I just start over in the particular spot I sanded (primer x3, color x4, clear x2)? Should I just sand the whole thing and do it all over?

Not sure how to proceed at this point! Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!

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To start, painting anything is all about prep work.

1. Clean clean clean the crap out of the wheels. Degreaser then dish soap.
2. Wetsand FIRST. Rough up your surface so it's a matte-look. Then clean the rims AGAIN to remove dust from sanding. Then get ready to paint.
3. Tape off stuff/get some index cards
4. Start off with a light coat of paint. By light I mean you're not even fully changing the color of the surface yet, just enough to get a light dusting
5. Do heavier coats until you see the full color. Your last coat should be heavy--wet looking--but not too crazy as to create runs.
6. Let them bake in the sun or throw them somewhere they aren't going to get dirty (grass clippings in your paint will make you want to jump off a bridge). Give them ample time to dry before you stick them back on. If you don't have time to do all four rims and let them sit, jack up one side of the car, support with jack stands, and do two rims at a time. Looks weird but your finish will last longer.

Your finish shouldn't need a wetsand/buff after it's done. If you did your work right it should turn out great. I never even used clear coat when I painted any rims.

Looking at your "paint can drip spots" you're going to have to redo the whole wheel. Sand it and paint again. Try painting the wheel upright instead of laying on the ground, that way your can isn't hovering over the top of your rim.
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