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Painted Rims

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I'm thinking about painting my rims. Tell me what you guys think.

I was just playing around with the red. I'm kinda leaning towards bronze, but gold could be interesting.
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I think that it reminds me of Need for Speed: Underground. How can you insult altezza lights (which I somewhat agree about, by the way), and then suggest that?
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Suggest painting the rims? What's wrong with that? By the way, I've already decided on bronze. I don't think it looks ricey at all.
well post some pics once you have it done... maybe the photochop doesn't do it justice... maybe
Originally posted by thunder sloth@Dec 29 2004, 09:45 PM
Suggest painting the rims? What's wrong with that? By the way, I've already decided on bronze. I don't think it looks ricey at all.
Whether or not it looks good is totally a matter of personal taste, butI don't see how it could not seem ricey.
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Haven't you ever heard the ol' saying....

Rice is in the eye of the beholder.
1st pic: eww
2nd: eww
3rd: eww

just goes to show that the stock wheels are not made to be painted. even when they are chromed they look a little weird.
bronze looks ok.
I just found a place near me that does powder coating. I'm gonna see about darkening up my wheels. Of course, it might be cheaper to replace them.
If you are asking me i'd say no go, but again it's just an opinion. Maybe if you try different rims it might look better.
i don't mind the bronze, the others are "eww".
I would personally pass on all three, but that's just me.
the first to look to much like your going for a subaru look. Maybe black rims or something but there is nothing on your car that matches the colors your going for. Plus you car is not even lowered so painted rims that don't match and your ride is not lowered. It will look like you ran out of money and the only "racer" thing you can do to you car is paint the rims. just my 2
go with gunmetal.

Go easy on the guy, H8ers. These rims, on my old car (may she R.I.P.) were rattle-can painted with Duplicolor Wheel Paint @ a grand total cost of $28. and they looked better then they did in their original silver. So you can paint a rim to good effect, and there's nothing "racer" or "ricer" about it. I just think his Photoshop color picks aren't very good.

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I don't mind the Bronze too much, but the red is just plain ugly... unique, but ugly, and trust me, painting wheels is no walk in the park. For them to turn out shiny and not look cheap, you're gunna need to spend HOURS prepping them, sanding, cleaning, priming. Doesn't seem worth it to me. I like the stock color... but hey, go for it and post pics.
i think it'd look better in black. the bronze was ok...
all the others were ugly.
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