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Painted my wheels Gun metal

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Hey all last night i painted my rims gun metal... it was 1:50am and got done by 4am lol. It was worth it.. heres the progress..

heres the pics from this morning:

the flash made the rims look more brighter in this pic.. Well thats all folks.
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Yours is alot more glossyer than mines. Mines is a little Dull but its ok. Nice car by the way.
Did you sleep in the care bear tent after you finished? =D
LOL no.. lol i used the tent to cover the painted wheels so i can move onto the next wheel.
wow, the white looks kinda hot.

your rims match your car a little TOO well now, but really nice job
Yours are a little more dull than mine, but you also used a rattle can rather than a paint gun. That being said you did an excellent job with that rattle can.
Looks good. I was going to say the same thing as kurker...
You painted yours with a gun kurker? if so can i see a pic? I never though of painting rims with a gun, only time il do that is when im painting bigger objects. thanks again.
He didn't paint them at all. They are the dark optional 18"s that come only with the RS 1.0
not too shabby at all. i like it on the flint. good match, looks stealth.
I can see that you aren't afraid of painting things. Emblem, wheels, calipers. Nice.
phungy: oh i see, lol got me confused.
inevitablegod: Thanks! i like it alot too!
Azrael: =P scions arnt ment for stock. I want my scion to look unique and different from other scions.
I think if i applied 2 more coats of Clear Coat it would match perfectly with RS1.0 rims, but.... i love my rims now haha.
WOW, man for a do it your self paint job, that looks great!!!
Originally posted by Super Tc@Nov 30 2005, 02:29 PM
WOW, man for a do it your self paint job, that looks great!!!
Thanks alot
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good job!
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