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Painted brake calipers...

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<span style="color:red">This will have to do until I can save about $1500. for a big brake system. I bought a G-2 Manufacturing Brake Caliper PaintSystem Set in red on ebay for about $30. including shipping. I did to wheels at a time.
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sorry i screwed with the's the pics

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I think they look great!
Those look very very nice... I like it.

Just as an fyi... can you try to post pics a little smaller so it fits on the screen. Thanks.
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very nice! gives it a real sport look. i think red calipers on a white car just look better than on any other color.
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man, that is hot! hahaha i plan to do that in the near future, can i ask how you did it? what were your steps =) thnx
That is MONEY!!! What kind of wheels are those? Enkei? Man, it looks sweet regardless!
very nice. regarding the big brake kit i am waiting on a shipment of tC big brake upgrade kits. will post pictures and details in a few days.
Looks great! Love the rims and the calipers.
I'm assuming you took the calipers off of the car to paint them. Was it difficult to remove them? My BSP Tc will be my project car and I'm interested in doing this as well.
Actually it took about 4 hours...figure 1 hour per do NOT have to take the calipers off...just the wheels...just need to be extremely careful when painting...just mask off the rotors. Not suppose to use the brakes for at least 24hours. Once they dry, they look really nice and brighten up.
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