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paint smeared by dealer contractor

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I have a flint mica which has the pearl flakes in the paint. In my opinion the best color out for the scion line up. When I bought my car from the dealer I bought the demo model. It didn't have that many miles and i got a discount off the price. At any rate I inspected the car of course before I bought it. One rim had a little curbage and there was a small ding under the rear passenger window. I told the dealer that both would have to be repaired before I made the purchase. My salesperson said the dealer had a guy that comes out and does these type of repairs. When I dropped the car off and picked it up later that day intially I was impressed. The tire looked good as if nothing ever happeded. The ding was repaired but if you look from a angle and really focus you can still notice a small blemish in the body. Anyway when the guy repaired the ding but I don't know what he used but it looks like my clear coat is all smeared. Like someone sanded or wiped the paint. In the sun you can see the smear. Should my dealer be reponsible or is this something I need to take up with the company hired that did the repiars. I would like the clear coat to be fixed or repaired because after washing my car you can see the smear reflection on just that one spot.
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If you made that agreement (that the ding would be repaired if you bought the car) with the dealer, then that's who you need to talk to if it wasn't done right. Any arrangements the dealer might have made with the outside contractor are the dealer's problem.
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