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Paint for mudguards?

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I found the Scion paint codes here, along with a website to order stuff.

There seems to be a lot of things involved, but I have no experience in something like this.

If I wanted to paint my mudguards to match my Black Cherry tC, what would have to be done? What types of sanding, primer, paint, clearcoat, etc?

Or would that look stupid?
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You basically wrote everything you needed to do. Sand, Primer it, paint it and clearcloat.
given that your car has dark paint, i dont see the point in painting them...just be a waste of cash. Cheers. - t
Yeah but, the mudguards are dull (not boring but 'unshiny') and I was wondering what it would take to have it match the color AND 'sheen' (I think I'm making up words!) of the rest of my car.

Of course, it is a MUDguard... it might be a waste of time...
You could try just priming them with regular spray primer and painting them with just high gloss Black spray paint. Just a though... Sure it wont last that long... but its something you can easily redo. Just a thought
... and a good thought at that! I'll start with that, as it will be cheaper than buying all that paint for some cheap peice of plastic that will get mud and rocks hurled at it at very high speeds...
Mufguards are "rubbery" - any paint will flake off pretty fast, or if it sticks well, then it will just crack because of mudguards flexing.
You'll need something made specifically for vinyl plastic or rubber, like Molecubond, but I don't think they make anything that will match any of the tCs colors, besides black, of course
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Krylon would probably work =P
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