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Ok, so today i had a little fun on the thru way after getting the resonator on the exhaust removed and having a piece of stainless steel put in its place. When I got home I realized that I had killed about 400 bugs of various sizes using a blunt object.... my front bumper. So I leave my garage armed with Bug and Tar Remover and i'm on my hands and knees scrubbing off pieces of bug guts from my bumper. I look up for some reason and something catches my eye. The paint on my front bumper on the passenger side just below where the hood meets it is like bubbling. I looks almost as though something got really hot from behind it and melted it from the back. Now you have to understand, i keep perfect care of my car. I'm a detailer at a local car dealership and this car has seen nothing but the best in care and never gone through a conventional car wash or been buffed... I only do hand jobs.... ok that came out totally wrong.
anyways, i'm pretty pissed. I'm probably going to head out to the dealership tomorrow and show this to my salesman. Would this be covered by warranty? I should hope so. I dont understand what could have caused this, but I know it wasn't there on wednesday because I waxed my whole car then and I definitely would have noticed it. Well... wish me luck.

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