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oxygen injection?

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i'm sure hot rodders or truck guys might've used this in the past before, but it just dawned on me a few days ago. power adders for cars all rely on getting more air into the engine, because more air means more fuel and more fuel means more power. so why use nitrous oxide to introduce more oxygen into the combustion chamber when you can hook up an oxygen canister? it would seem to make more sense to me unless it's unreasonably dangerous or more expensive than nitrous oxide gas. any feedback would be interesting.
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LOL.... this thread is amuzing. But as Lo Bux said, Oxygen gas even in pure concentration is not flammable. It just accelerates the rate at which other substances/gases/materials burn. Same reason why the depletion of oxygen will cause a fire to go out. Things in general are unable to burn without oxygen. I've heard of people using propane instead of nitrous on fuel injected cars and seeing good results with claimed "less possible damage or risk to motor". Nitrous got a bad rap due to ignorant people using it. n2o is not dangerous as long as the car is tuned to use it, meaning as long as there is enough fuel to back it up and its used in intellegent amounts, there is little to no risk. I'd like to get back on topic, but i'm not sure what the topic is anymore... LOL.
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