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oxygen injection?

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i'm sure hot rodders or truck guys might've used this in the past before, but it just dawned on me a few days ago. power adders for cars all rely on getting more air into the engine, because more air means more fuel and more fuel means more power. so why use nitrous oxide to introduce more oxygen into the combustion chamber when you can hook up an oxygen canister? it would seem to make more sense to me unless it's unreasonably dangerous or more expensive than nitrous oxide gas. any feedback would be interesting.
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Okay oxygen can explode! I mean pure oxygen is extreamly dangerious. nitrous oxide will not explode. (that little scene in Fast and the Furious is hollywood effects). Here is a link for more information

If you want something a little better than nitrous try I think its propane or natural gas, but I think it only works for diesle engines
Off Topic:

I heard there are oxygen bars where you can get high. Want to go?
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Only in Cali do they have those. Last time I was in Anaheim I went to some mall that was an outside mall (im sure you guys know what I am talking about) and they had one. I can't believe you people pay that much for oxygen! Come to the south we have clean most areas. We are just cooler over here haha.

Okay back onto topic another thing nitrous is laughing gas so if you take a small hit of it you'll go loony for a few seconds and/or you'll see jesus. pure oxygen will get you pretty high too, your body is not used to that stuff (who would have thought that)
well you can get high off of oxygen because our atmosphere is composed of about 70% nitrogen, so yea, our bodies really aren't accustomoed to high amounts of pure oxygen.

but anyways, so pretty much the only reason pure oxygen injection isn't practical is because of the high risk of explosion? if the risk really is that high i guess i'll hold back from it and keep looking for n2o kits.

p.s. thanks for all the feedback
No that's crap. Oxygen doesn't explode! Oxygen makes other substances burn. Whether they explode or not depends on a lot of factors.

Oxygen injection has been tried, and it doesn't work because it melts the pistons. Just plain too much of a good thing.

BTW the standard oxygen concentration in the atmosphere is ~19%

N2O works because the oxygen is tightly bound to the nitrogen and it only released under high heat and pressure. The nitrogen (N2, the same thing as the bulk of the atmosphere) acts as a combustion damper in the cylinder and prevents the metal from being directly oxidized by the increased oxygen content in the cylinder.

There's a tremendous amount of misunderstanding and misinformation in this thread's previous posts.
I say it can exploade because the people that lived across the street from me had a couple canasters of pure oxygen that their grandmother used and when the house caught fire something caused the canasters to go boom. They think something punctured the canasters, but once it hit flames it was a fireball. Oxygen is highly flamable. It will feed a fire. So if you have a tank of oxygen in your car and you wreck it can be harmful to ones health.
You say explode because you haven't taken a welding class and don't know gas cylinder safety basics. Any pressurized gas cylinder can explode in a fire, even Argon and Neon will cause their container to explode and they're completely inert gases. Simple physics. Add heat, pressure rises, container integrity is compromised because internal pressure exceeds the vessel's capacity to hold the gas in. Why do you think people pass gas?

Oxygen is NOT flammable. I can hold a match in a pure oxygen environment and NOTHING happens, it just burns faster and brighter because there is more oxygen available. It is an accelerant, NOT flammable, it DOES NOT burn by itself.
Oxidizing gases are non-flammable gases (e.g., oxygen chlorine, fluorine and nitrous oxide), but in the presence of an ignition source and fuel can support and vigorously accelerate combustion. Do not use oil in any apparatus where oxygen will
be used. Gauges and regulators for oxygen shall bear the warning "OXYGEN - USE NO OIL."[/b]
More gas cylinder safety.

ANY pressurized tank in your car is dangerous, including Nitrous. There is a rather famous Internet story of some idiot who improperly wired the heater blanket on his N2O bottle so it was on all the time. The tanks (there were two) ruptured and exploded and literally destroyed a major section of his house. ANY pressurized vessel is DANGEROUS.
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those are the answers i have been looking for,. i must've forgotten about boyle's law, silly me. so oxygen doesn't work because it burns far too hot. i'll stay away from oxygen i suppose, but i'm still thinking intently of nitrous. the voided warranty that ensues is slowing me down from buying it, because it sure is nice to be able to get stuff fixed right at the dealership.

thanks for the info, that's why i <3 this forum.
wow, an oxygen bar, i saw that on Pimp My Ride, Cali people have the weirdest stuff
Ignorance is bliss.... Ignorance is bliss.
we have a bunch in NYC as well. I think it's a waste of money to pay for oxygen. I'd rather hike up a mountain trail and get high from the thin air for free. That and booze.
LoL...Lance beat me to the oxygen isn't flammable part. Drat me for being in Egypt. It just adds fuel to the fire. So if you see movies where someone sets an "oxygen" line on fire in a hospital or whatnot, it's sooo fake. It can't hold any flammable stream like say...oh.... propane coming out of a nozzle can.
Originally posted by whosthatrussian@May 9 2005, 08:35 AM
we have a bunch in NYC as well. I think it's a waste of money to pay for oxygen. I'd rather hike up a mountain trail and get high from the thin air for free. That and booze.
There's a couple in Huntsville, Alabama as well.
we have a bunch in NYC as well.[/b]

LOL where in new york??? we should have a scion meet there and then get everyone high off of oxygen LOLOLOL
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I knocked over a oxygen canister here at the hospital today, the valve at the top hit the edge of a crash cart just perfectly to knock it out of its threads... Scared the #### out of everyone. Released enough pressure to slide it across the foor spinning.

No explosion though.
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They put a restriction in the tank before the valve to prevent them from becoming missles these days. Otherwise, your experience would not have been so benign.

If it had been liquid oxygen, you would have had some fireworks. LOX promotes combustion like few things can. If you've ever played with liquid nitrogen, you know that spilling it on the floor sounds like rice krispies. Lots of snaps, crackles, and pops from the LN forming LOX (LN is colder than LOX) and the LOX causing the dust on the floor to ignite and make sounds from the ignition process. It's pretty fun.

BTW, I was the operations manager for a gas analysis lab. We went through about 6 tons of LN a week, so we had plenty of opportunity to play with LN.
i must say, you have the most awesome jobs
that does sound like a boat load of fun. although i can't imagine working in a laboratory environment, too much responsibility.
Of course you could always still create your own missle projectiles with co2 cannisters (the small ones)... I read a story online about this kid and a 20 oz. co2 for his paintball gun became de-valved when he was unscrewing it and it shot out of his hand and crushed the forehead of a mom across the way.

It's why you always point it at the ground when you unscrew it.
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