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Owner for nearly a week!

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Well, I have been busy and haven't gotten a chance to post since getting my tC, so I thought I'd chime in with my two cents ...

First and foremost, I LOVE this car! It drives/handles great and the low-end with the manual tranny makes for fun at the traffic lights! I have been very impressed with the car in all phases.

I'm still getting used to the console because it's HUGELY different from my old car, but I'm getting used to where everything is located. The other thing I'm trying to adjust to are the ac vents ... I like the way they work, but can't seem to aim them just right yet! Of course, I had the car for four days before I ever used the AC, and wouldn't have done it then if rain hadn't forced me to shut the windows and sunroof...

I'm getting set for my first mod, too, but a small one. I'm ordering a new shift knob this weekend. Once I have my spoiler and floor mats installed, I'll be ready to go!

Also, thanks to all the folks that post helpful advise on the board. I read nearly every post and have gotten some good info to file away as I start putting some miles on my tC.
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Glad to hear it. Congrats on the new car!
yeah i've had my car for a week as well.. more and more the car is growing on me.. i like it a lot.. you're right, takes some time to learn where everything is!! yeah the one mod i think is a good one, is the strut tower bar.. definitely important for me personally.. increased the steering feel..

oh and CONGRATS on the new car!!
Congrats on the new car, and glad you still like it. Three and a half weeks here, and I still love it.
right on! glad you got your hands on one!

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