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outside temp

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just curious, but does anybody know where the temp sensor is on the car? sometimes i notice it has a real high reading when i car has been parked. i was thinking it mite be by the engine.
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This is true for every car temperature sensor I've ever seen, because they tend to be located where they can get direct sunlight under the right conditions. As for where it's located, I don't know either -- kinda wondered that myself.
Yeah, I was wondering too...but only because I've generally known the readings to be high on car sensors...but mine seems to be right on the money with the temps I hear broadcasted during radio shows.

My Matrix had a temp sensor in the lower part of the front bumper in front of the radiator. tC might be in the similar location.
hmmm.. has anyone found out yet?
Originally posted by sciontc_mich@Sep 15 2004, 02:18 PM
hmmm.. has anyone found out yet?
I still have no idea why you guys care about where the heck the temp sensor is, but here we go:

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yeah i'll have to look in there and try to find that.. i kept thinking it was up front somewhere.. thanks for the info zoltiz.. us tC owners are always wanting to learn more.. not going to mod the temp gauge or anything..
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