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Other MP3 Players Work Via the 2006 HU?

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I know that if you plug an IPOD into the 2006 center console and set your HU to "AUX" you can then control your IPOD from your HU, and even via the Steering Wheel controls. But does anyone know of any other MP3's that can be controlled via the HU and wheel?

I dont want to change music by using the actual MP3 player. I am in the market for a non-IPOD mp3 player.

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No, the iPod HU is made for the iPod only. Any other MP3 player, you'll have to control it using the player itself, or any remote control for it you can purchase.
its tru, other MP3 Players must be controlled manually. i have a Gateway Jukebox that cant be parted with as it was a gift from my girlfriend. SOoooooo i decided to just use that with the ipod deck and it works fine with a earphone line out. you CAN use the volume buttons on the steering wheel but the track up/down buttons have no use. its not that bad really. i enjoy it. plus i can get my bicep curls out the way changing songs. OH one other thing that kinda sucks is that if u dont have a cigarette lighter charger for ur mp3 player then it WILL discharge the battery as for regular use, unlike the actual ipod which the car will keep charged.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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