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1406 Views 8 Replies 8 Participants Last post by  Eric advertises on this site but I cant figure out how to order the products. I think I want the rear smoke spots...Anyone have them? Look cheesy?
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You have to snailmail BlueBat a check or moneyorder.


Email the guys with a special request - for these smoke spots - they will hook you up, and it will be cheaper than Bluebat's, honestly...
i had the rear center brake lights smoked and also the turn signals on the side reviews. looks real nice.

Im in san diego so i just picked them up at bluebatmoibes house
I'm pretty sure Eric's got a few of Blue's overlays.
I have the center brake light, mirror signal, eyelid and sidemarker overlays from bluebatmobile... I didn't do a great job putting them on, but I do like the look... I haven't seen the full tail light or rear signal & reverse overlays yet in person, so I am curious about those
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Just curious? why get overlays? do they not dim the light? i dont want to sound totally lost but they seem only to dim the car lights? why would u want that?
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I'm thinking about gettin the mirror signal and third brake light overlays on my Flint Mica, but I kinda have my doubts. Do you guys think it would make the car too dark, and easier to get hit? How hard is it to put them on? And would their color blend in with the Flint Mica, or would it stick out?

I'd appreciate it if you gave me ur opinions
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Since u are talkin bout the 3rd brake light overlay, do you think it would look nice on an indigo ink tc? Have one and i have seen other colors and love it.
Like I said, I have the 3rd brake light overlay on my IIP... I like the look
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