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Yesterday was my one-month anniversary! I've travelled approximately 1400+ miles! I'm not sure if I should be proud or not but there you go.

Problems? Yes! unfortunately yes but minor ones except for one. I was actually fortunate to be one of the apparent few not experiencing problems with the moonroof. But it started happening on Friday. I was saying how my sunroof was not making noises and how I was lucky that mine wasn't but then, later that day, it started! I think it was that big thing speed bumps exiting the structure. You know those small in width but kinda of big up. But then, the next day, I heard a pop noise and it stopped. I haven't heard since then but still, not normal
Second, that cd player panel is sqeaking way too much. It used to make it before but I thought it was the CD player itself (I know, still a problem) and I was going to have that fixed but it turns out it's the door.

Third, For some reason I think the wheels are not aligned. It would sometimes go the right when the steering wheel is centered.

Scratches? Only the underneath the front bumper because I hit the curve but you can't see it.

Driving experience? Still great! I'm the King of the Road when I drive!

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