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Yesterday i was in class and i receive a call from my girlfriend but i didn't pick up. 2 minutes later i get a text message from her step dad saying "911 Michelle was in a car accident she is being taken to the hospital and that's all we know". As soon as i saw that i grabbed my book bag and ran on foot all the way to the hospital. I got there before the ambulance did. (My girl and I are from miami but we are both living gainesville because of college, she goes to community college i go to the University of Florida, all of our families are in miami, we only have each other up here.) The good thing is that she walked out of the hospital with just a few scratches, bruises and a lot of pain. When things like this happen it shows you how much you really love somebody because what i felt every minute after i got that text and while i was running a mile to the hospital was something i cant explain. And it also makes think that maybe there IS someone or something up there watching over us. Ill let the pictures speak for themselves now.

At the scene, the state trooper took this pictures.

At the towing place today.

She was driving down the interstate coming back from school, almost missed the exit so she saw no one was coming and switched all three lanes to get off but went to far to the right of the exit ramp almost going off the road, tried to correct her mistake by jerking left on the wheel and ended up getting back into the interstate losing control and hitting the end of the guard rail. The guard rail went all the way through the car into the back seat. The state trooper said that had there been any passengers in the car. the driver would have been the only one to survive.

With all this said, im afraid i am going to get away from the forum for a while even though i wasn't here for long but there is no tc anymore. I sold it today to some junkyard for 400 bucks :/ i really liked that car but right now im just glad she is alive.
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