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Hey everyone. I'm Dustin. Just picked up a 2007 tc 5 speed. I'm new to the little cars but not Toyota's. I've had 6 tacomas in the last decade from a 2009 to a 2016 while I was working in the oilfield. I got a cushie government job that starts Monday. I have a 40 ish mile round trip out there and back every day so I set out looking for a cool little car to run back and forth with. I'm a gear head at heart so when this little guy popped up on the marketplace and went to check it out. It has pretty high mileage at 250,000 but runs really well and rides super nice. Interior is good with normal wear but no tears. Nothing aftermarket done to it so I know nothings been screwed with and what does get done to it will be done right by me. Like the title says I'm probably twice most of you guys age at 42 and this is my first tuner car, if its even considered that.

It does have a clutch pedal issue. He put a new stock disc in not long ago and now the pedal will stay on the floor if you hold it down for very long. I'm assuming they took the slave off while the trans was out and didn't bleed it correctly. So that will be the first order of business. Ill get that sorted out pretty quick. Probably tomorrow with any luck.

Next is the electric fan housing plastic is a little busted up so ill be ordering a new one asap. It works fine but is ugly and loose at the top.

Body is in good shape with typical paint peel on the hood. Its all black so ill probably derp the hood for now.

Ill put up some pics up tomorrow. I gave him a deposit to come back and pick it up then as the ATM wouldnt let me get all the cash out today. I bought it for $3000 so I think I did ok on it. I'm sure ill find some other issues as I start driving it but he has been driving it everyday so I feel pretty good about it so far.
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