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Ok ready to buy ..

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This is the best package to date...
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Scion tC

This Preferred Package has been selected by our fitment specialists and is designed to be an ideal winter solution for your vehicle. You can also build your own winter package.

Bridgestone Blizzak WS-50 (Studless Ice & Snow)

(4) 195/55-16 $408.00
Optional Road Hazard Program available
for $48.96 with purchase of four tires.

New Steel Wheel (Black Painted)

(4) 16X6.5

Choose a Wheel Cover (OPTIONAL)
Wheel Cover
16" Style 15 (set of 4)

Price per set: $30.00
Estimated Availability:
In Stock
Select wheel covers

Package Total: $568.00 (not including Road Hazard or wheel covers)

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what's wrong with 195's for snow tires?
Originally posted by Ryan'sTc@Oct 19 2005, 03:16 PM
195's on a tC? My god you really wana go sledding don't you.
On actual snow and ice the narrower tire is actually better; you ought to see the skinny little things they put on WRC cars for ice and deep snow stages. It places more pressure/square inch of contact patch, which is necessary to help get a grip on ice and snow.

Ok.. so what size do you all run in the snow.??????????
Sorry for my confustion, I live in Northern Cali and don't see snow all that much. I have to drive an hour just to see snow.
Yeah, I've seen those tiny things they use in WRC. I had no problems in my 185/65 14's on my last car in the snow. Granted they were 14's...
Yep I want.... Not with the tire covers though.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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