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Oil recomendations

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this is probably in owners manual which i don't have at work) but is there a recommended type of oil to use on tc?
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5w-30 is what the manual says.

Now that we are on oil topic - what do you guys think about 10w-30 for warmer climates? Especially in synthetic?
andrew i'd go with the 10w30 here in ga. best to just go with it and stick with it. : )

royal purple synthetic oil = the best but also costs a ton.
would 10w-30 be good for south bay area california?
yea alot of ppl have been recommending mobil1 synthetic...
I'm not going synthetic till at least 10K miles. Then I'll run out of my free oil changes and will start doing them myself. Might as well switch to Mobil1 then.
5w-30 versus 10w-30, everything I've ever read says this difference is almost negligible, with some saying that the 5w-30 gives slightly better fuel economy (being slightly thinner).

Once I'm out of free dealer changes, I'll be switching to a synthetic 5w-30. Its minor, but hey, every % helps in the fuel category. Once that happens I'll probably drop my oil change rate down to the 5000mile pace to retain the warranty.
you know, these free oil changes have really discouraged me from going to the dealer.....I went in at 7:30 am one day to find out I'd have to leave the car there for hours, and they didn't want to give me a loaner. I definitely don't wanna spend a whole saturday going there as well, as it is "first come first serve" bs. So, I got my TRD oil filters, and gonna buy some mobil 1 and get it started now. Screw the dealer.
My dealer has 29 minute guarantee. If they are not done in 29 minutes, my next oil change is free. Basically with my Matrix I only paid for every other oil change, leaving me with an average of $10/oil chage. Not too bad if you ask me.
thats friggin awesome, i wish my dealer had that guarentee and service.
Originally posted by whosthatrussian@Oct 12 2004, 02:30 PM
thats friggin awesome, i wish my dealer had that guarentee and service.
It's nationwide:
^^^ I wonder... hmm.... I'll make sure to time them when I bring my baby in for its first oil change.
thanks for the info, Zoltiz. Good to know. I might come back to them in a while, but as of now, I'm gonna do the oil changes myself. I don't feel like putting up with their bs and waste my time on something that takes 10 min to do myself. The amount of time spend on waiting for the dealer to change the oil negates any savings in getting the 3 free oil changes. It also turns me off going to the dealer.
aw man i'm gonna start timing them now and be a nazi
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