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oil level

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hi i bought my tC 2 days ago and when i was checking the oil level, it was about this far | | above the F. do new cars usually come with a lot of oil or should i drain some of it? i thought too much oil could harm the engine. *oh i checked the oil levels about 10 min after driving.
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^ haha it took me so long to realize what "this far" meant....very for the level, were u on a driveway or any form of a slope? if not i dont think that much is bad, but lance might have some input so just ahng tight for a few till someone wiht some intellect comes on
Was the engine warm when you checked?
You need to check on a level surface. I prefer to check cold before start up. Too much oil is just as bad as too little. If the oil level is high enough for the crank to strike the surface, it robs engine power by forcing the crank through a heavy fluid, AND the oil gets aerated by the crank. Air in the oil is the kiss of death to your rod and main bearings, so overfilling is NOT good.

I had a discussion with Ray Plumb some years ago about the factory Honda CBR600 they were racing at Laguna Seca. He told me they picked up an extra 5 hp just by running the oil level half a quart low. Overfilling is undoubtedly bad.

Whether you need to suck some out is up to you. Be absolutely certain the crankcase is overfilled before you do this. The easiest way to change the oil level is to get the engine hot, then use a semi-rigid plastic tube that fits down the dipstick tube and suck out the excess with something like a 60cc veterinary syringe or some other vacuum source. If there's interest, I'll write up something about doing it. Otherwise, I'll leave it to the student to determine how best to apply vacuum and reduce the oil volume in the crankcase.
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I run my drag car a quart low at the track. Just throwing in my two pennies.
i just checked again twice... when its cold the oil is this much over | |. and after i drive it is higher, like this much over | | and covers the letter F. does that make sense? i thought the oil should be lower after driving because a lot of oil is still in the engine. anyways do you think it hurt my car during the 150 miles i drove it?
Not yet, but I would take it back to the dealer and have them fix it. It's not right. Don't let them tell you it's not a problem. If they try to make excuses instead of fixing the problem, just tell them you want the car to comply with the factory specification to protect your warranty.
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